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Black iPhone 5 Case with Tag

  • Black iPhone 5 Case
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Tag-Z Customized Military Dog Tag iPhone 5 Case - Black Cover

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Price as configured: $10.00


Our patented Customized Military Dog Tag iPhone 5 cases are made from silicone rubber and come with a personalized dog tag. They have a cool design with a military dog tag silencer built right in to hold your favorite military dog tag! You can change the message by taking one tag out and putting another in!

The dog tag silencer area will fit a standard size military dog tag (2” x 1 1/8”) and comes in 3 different colors, Black, Woodland Camo and Hot Pink.

We designed this case so the edges on the front will give you maximum screen usage for texting or gaming. Also, all of the openings are in the shape of a military dog tag! We plan on making more colors, so if you have a suggestion we would love to hear it.